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About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a part of a very large group of companies that falls under the Mitsubishi Group. This is a Japanese conglomerate that has a range of businesses and shares the brand. The first to use the brand was a shipping company that was founded by one Yataro Iwasaki in 1870. The name of the company was later changed but then rechanged later on. The brand Mitsubishi has two parts that can be translated. The first is the Mitsu that stands for three and the second bishi meaning water chestnut. The logo was therefore chosen based on this and was designed to be the rhombus. There is another translation which is three diamonds.

Later on the company moved into coal mining and in 1881 fueled there steamship fleet using this. They also dabbled in other sectors such as shipbuilding and banking just to name a couple. Today the Mitsubishi Motors part is the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan and is continually synonymous with the production of great vehicles. The company made cars and trucks initially that were marketed in Europe and the US but under the names of other manufacturers that they cooperated with.

It was only in the 1980s that the brand began to be used by Mitsubishi for the production of their autos on a large scale. They stayed in the auto business for years and went through many developments and innovations. They created the first diesel engine in Japan and also the first large bus as well as the first four wheel drive passenger vehicle. There are many first for this company that continued to develop with technology and to provide the best possible advances to their clients.

This Japanese company stood the test of time and the troubles of the war time when they had to separate into three entities in order to survive. The Mitsubishi vehicles however were always made with Mitsubishi parts that had superior Japanese technology in their construction. Only the latest and the best are put into Mitsubishi vehicles. The various models all have their own appeal with models that are designed with all ages and generations in mind. Models such as the Lancer are quite popular as well.

Mitsubishi Auto Replacement Parts

While it can be difficult to source foreign parts the Mitsubishi brand is so well known that the parts are stocked by most. The brand has taken a while to become known due to the fact that main marketing was not done under their name until the 80s but regardless today they have come quite a long way despite this. Many cars companies and Mitsubishi as well have been hard hit with the declining industry and they have had some sinking sales as well.

Mitsubishi car owners however have been keeping their vehicles due to their dependability and this means that the company still has a chance. The parts for the Mitsubishi will continue to be available and you can source replacement parts easily online and at many stores. The parts are all quality parts that can meet the demands of the Mitsubishi owner.

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