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About Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is a small vehicle that is produced by the British Motor Corporation and its followers from the year 1995 until 2000. It has the reputation of being the most popular British made vehicle and has been recently replaced with the new model Mini that was launched in the year 2001. The original vehicle was a success of the 60s with the new innovative design that was based on a space saving design. The front wheel drive layout has influenced the style of many future car makers. This cars influence was substantial in the twentieth century.

The vehicle was designed for BMC and made as a distinctive two door car by one Sir Alex Issigonis. The car was made in the United Kingdom and also in Australia and several other countries in later years. The vehicle known as the Mini Cooper was a very successful rally car in its day and won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. This vehicle is one of the most sought after vehicles today even after the discontinuation of the classic model.

Mini production was halted, the new version was announced and the vehicle was branded as the BMW mini or the new mini in the year 2000. There have been mixed views on this new vehicle. There were the die hard fans that were not interested in a new vehicle and there were the fans that could not wait to try the new version to the Mini.

The die hard fans however do have some good points. The classic Mini was one that had many viable years left for production and they view it as being killed off to make way for the new version. Also the new Mini is not quite as Mini as its successor. The new version is larger and wider than and not as Spartan as the original version.

There are also many that embrace the new vehicle and they think that the next step in succession was a new model that could continue with newer and more modern safety, emissions and other new developments. Both camps have there views but the fact remains that without a passion for the Mini none of this debate would be in progress. On the date of 3rd April 2007 the one millionth MINI was made after six years of production. This was just one month longer than it took the classic Mini to do the same in 1965.

Mini Cooper Parts

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