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About Mercury

The Mercury brand is a brand that comes from the Ford Company and was founded in the year 1939. This is a near luxury vehicle that was made to fall in between the lower level Fords and the luxury Lincoln models. The vehicle is today based mainly on Ford design platforms but was initially more similar to the Buick and the Chrysler than Ford. The term Mercury was indeed taken from Roman mythology. The name means the messenger of the Gods. The Mercury brand has been known over the years for its performance and excellence and was seen again on the market briefly in 2003.

The brand has been used in the US, Mexico, Middle East and a few other external US states. The Mercury brand of vehicles were relabeled as Fords in 1999 and the brand was only revived in 2000s in Mexico. The Mercury was once its own division in Ford until it was merged with the Lincoln's division in 1945. They were the first new look vehicles that had integrated bodies and these were introduced in 1949. The continued to change and develop over the years and the Mercury brand developed with the Lincoln brand.

The major success period in the Mercury history was in the 1950s when the vehicles were transforming and becoming strong on its own. The sales of the Mercury saw some peaks in its run in the years 1978 and 1993 but since that time the sales have declined and the company has only seen a few successes. A popular country song by Alan Jackson that sang praises to the Mercury helped the image of the vehicle in the 90s but this alone could not sustain the sales of the vehicle.

With a history of more than 60 years the Mercury Company has continued to give to the automotive industry in many aspects. They have produced classy and sophisticated vehicles that have ranged from the compact vehicle to the mid luxury vehicle. There have been many models and the revolutionary fashion of the Mercury has kept it adapting to the needs of consumers. Mercury vehicles are always in style and ahead of the game.

High Quality Mercury Parts

The Mercury parts are on par with the Ford Company that has produced quality parts for years. Every part is designed to perform and the goals that are achieved ate high quality and reliable parts that provide comfort and peace of mind to the owners of the Mercury vehicle. The overall performance of the Mercury is exceptional and is owed in part to the high quality components that are used as well as the design innovation of the engineers.

There are tons of Mercury models to choose from and they all use high quality parts with great functionality. The Mercury parts that you require will be easily sourced online or from traditional shops. Online parts do meet the high quality standards that you need for your Mercury vehicle and are top of the line in terms of convenience as well.

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