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About Mercedes

The Mercedes Benz is a German brand name that encompasses many types of vehicles. These range from the typical car to the bus, coached and trucks. The company name is Daimler Chrysler AG and they are a merger between two great vehicle manufacturers, Daimler Benz and Chrysler. The Mercedes Benz Company itself before Chrysler was created in June of 1926. The inventors of the automobile were the founders of the companies. They were Karl Benz and Daimler.

Karl Benz is accredited as the inventor of the first real automobile as he has a chassis designed from scratch while Daimler had used a horse carriage with an engine but never the less these two merged. The two were competitors but with the death of Daimler early on and the exit of his partner from the company they formed the companies that were rivals joined forces due to the economic hardship that was being faced after the First World War.

After the agreement was struck in 1924 the companies still sold there separate brands but with the actual merger in 1926 they began to market the Mercedes Benz branding. The new logo was a combination of the two companies and the company progressed well as a manufacturer of premium automobiles due to its deep history and relation to Karl Benz and also as the oldest automobile brand that has been continuously produced.

The Mercedes Benz brand has maintained its reputation of invention and has continued to be the leader in the introduction of technological and other features such as safety features. The company is one of the leaders in the production of luxury vehicles and later combined with Chrysler. In 2007 however these two companies announced that they will again be separating.

The models of the Mercedes Benz are all seen to have in them some form of the distinctive Mercedes Benz legacy. These vehicles are head turning vehicles that are known for their style and performance. The quality of these vehicles should not be misunderstood and they are combinations of tradition and the latest designs to satisfy a range of customers among all generations and from all areas of the world. These vehicles are designed with consumers in mind and are known to meet the expectations of their owners hands down.

Mercedes Parts and Accessories

The parts of the Mercedes Benz are parts that are designed to fit with a variety of other car models as well. The specs and features of a vehicle are of utmost importance when choosing parts. The look and quality must also be considered as well. There is a wide array of Mercedes Benz parts on the market today for buyers and they have many options to choose from. There are traditional shops but also many reliable online services. Get only high quality Mercedes Benz parts and accessories for your vehicles and keep them in tip top shape. You can shop at home by using online resources or opt for the more traditional avenue when sourcing the parts for your Mercedes Benz but whatever the option always get quality parts.

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