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About Land Rover

The Land Rover is an all terrain vehicle that is British and that is considered to be a Multi Purpose Vehicle or MPV. This company is based in England and the term Land Rover has referred to one specific vehicle that was a civilian all terrain vehicles that were launched in 1948. This vehicle design was later used as the basis for several other distinct models that were all four wheel drive. The vehicle was initially an internal division of Rover and later continued to design the vehicles under many owners. These included to name a few the well known BMW and the British Aerospace. Land Rover today belongs to the Premier Automotive Group and is a division of the Ford Motor Company. It is one of the oldest SUV brands and perhaps the only one which is older than the US jeep.

They are manufactures in England still but some models are now assembled in other areas around the world. The Land Rover's success has even outlived the founder company Rover that collapsed in 2005 and was purchased by Ford and placed under the Land Rover division. The first Land Rover was made in 1947 by Maurice Wilks on his farm. He may have taken some inspiration from other vehicles but the construction that used lightweight rustproof alloys of aluminums and magnesium was a success.

This metal was used due to many reasons including the shortage of steel as well as the abundant supply of aircraft aluminum that was available after the war. This aided the building of the Land Rover as it became known as a vehicle that was built for longevity due to the materials used in its construction. The vehicle could take some really tough conditions and withstand.

The Land Rover has continued to be a desirable vehicle over the years and is today closely linked with the popular Jaguar in marketing by Ford. They have of late been sharing a lot of common sales and distribution as well as some models now sharing components and manufacture facilities. The vehicle is only equaled by few other brands in terms of its off road performance and continues to be a choice of many in the military and other sectors.

Land Rover Auto/SUV Body Parts

The Land Rover automotive and body parts must be parts that can perform under off road conditions. They must be built for durability, toughness and strength. The need for the use of high performance parts is not a joke and there are several reasons for this. The vehicles undergo a lot of pressure in their use and are therefore vehicles that must hold out when exposed to stress. Online you will locate auto parts for your Land Rover that are high quality and that follow the strictest standards. You will get all that you need for your body, engine and interior as well.

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