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About Kia

Kia has their headquarters based in South Korea and the CEO is one Chung Eui-sun. The American leg of the company is known as Kia Motors America and today there is also an assembly plant in the US that was opened inn 2006. It is the aim to supply as many as 300,000 vehicles to the US market per year and to make inroads into the US market.

The name Kia is derived from two main terms. The "ki" translates as arise or come up out and the "a" is representative of Asia. Therefore Kia is held to mean "arise or come up out of Asia". There is also the translation that means "Rising out of Asia" which is more flowery and accepted. Kia was founded in the year 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycles and steel tubing. They changed their name in 1952 and started to build cars, motorcycles and trucks. In 1986 they partnered with Ford and produced many Mazda vehicles for sale in Korea. Some of these were also exported to other countries and sold in countries in North America and Australia.

In 1992 Kia was incorporated in the US and the Kia branded vehicles were sold from 1994. They continued to expand to other regions slowly in the US and then expanded the US line. This strategy used was exceptional and successful and made Kia into one of the most significant of players in the US market. Everything however was not rosy as Kia ended up declaring bankruptcy in 1997 and as a result was acquired by rival South Korean company called Hyundai Motor Company. They have since started to recover and grow in other markets as well. There worldwide growth may be linked to the fact that they have been involved in the sponsorship of many sports events that are high profile such as the Australian Open tennis tournament.

Kia started off well and continues to produce affordable vehicles that provide great performance and comfort. Safety features are also prominent in their design and this has served them well. They still offer one of the best warranties in the market for their vehicles and are able to attract many to their vehicles. They do indeed make every mile count and provide great value for money. They do hold to their promise of "providing high-quality, high-value vehicles at prices well below the competition and back them up with a 10 Year/100,000 Mile Warranty Program and a customer-first policy".

Kia OEM Parts

Kia parts are crafted to be long lasting and their parts all show the same reliability and quality that is desirable. You will get great value for money from the efficient Kia parts that are installed in your vehicle. In order to get the best performance from your Kia consistently you have to be ready to invest in performance parts as well as other parts that are high quality. It is possible to source these parts at a reasonable cost and to maintain the performance of your Kia vehicle. Source the parts you need through the internet resources provided and be amazed at the ease of locating the part you need.

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