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About Jaguar

The Jaguar is manufactured to be a luxury car and was originally made in England. The original company was known as SS Cars Ltd that was established in 1922 but the name was changed to Jaguar in 1935. This company has many competitors in the luxury class with big names such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz all competing for the top of the list in terms of luxury vehicles. The Jaguar Company has been under the ownership of Ford for several years now since 1989.

A fact that we can all be amazed about is the origins of the company. The company was actually founded by two individuals that were interested in mainly motorcycles. They were also two Williams. William Lyons and William Walmsley created the company in 1922. The first time they coined the Jaguar name however would not be until the release of a 2.5 liter saloon in the year 1935. This was when the name of the company was also changed.

In the 1950s the brand put out a series of stylish sports cars and luxury saloons that were greatly accepted by the consumers. They bought the Daimler car company in 1960 and used this also as a branding for the saloons produced by Jaguar. After some mergers the company was eventually made into a nationalized company called British Leyland Ltd. It was eventually re-privatized and took the title Vanden Plas. In September 1989 when Fords purchase offer was made it was accepted and became part of the Ford family.

The Jaguar has been slow in making profits for Ford due in part to some of the questions on the reliability of the vehicles based on there performance in the 70s and 80s. This however has been dealt with under Ford and the vehicles are indeed improved and have surpassed others such as Audi and Mercedes Benz in the year 2003. The Jaguar name is today closely linked with the Land Rover and they are often marketed together. The Ford family also expanded and bought the Rover name as well and has added this to its portfolio.

Jaguar Performance Parts

In the 80 years that the Jaguar Company has been around they have been known for luxury vehicles and they have produced many a classic over the years. Some of these classics include the XK 120, XK 140 and the E-Type to name a few. These have symbolized luxury and have been desired by many collectors. These vehicles will not perform as well with the replacement parts than with original parts mainly. For this reason it is essential that when installing performance parts and replacement parts that those be installed that can match or surpass the quality of the typical Jaguar part.

Get high quality performance parts for your Jaguar online that will match the performance of the original parts. The Jaguar parts that you require are available on the internet and you are able to easily search and locate these parts with ease.

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