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About Infinity

The Infinity vehicles never did give names to their cars, instead consistently using letters and numbers to designate the coupes, sedans and the SUVs. With the Infinity Q45 being the flagship sedan, the Infinity found its place in the American market. Infinity used innovative designs and engineering and was one of the first sedans to come up with all wheel drive, Infinity consistently produced upscale models with luxury appointments that appealed to the upper class but never really took a big bite out of the Mercedes or BMW market.

Introduced in 1989 the Infinity was meant to give Toyota, Honda, Lexus and Acura a run for a market share. More luxurious than the preceding automobiles it was considered a unique way to show prosperity, and was often bought for it's rarity. Fitting in a niche in between upscale Toyota and Honda, the Infinity fit neatly between the preceding vehicles and the BMW and Mercedes crowd.

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If you own an Infinity, we understand your need to keep it looking sharp and attractive. If you've had collision damage or want to replace body parts due to rust or corrosion, be sure to check out We offer a lifetime guarantee on all body replacement parts for your Infinity. This means that as long as you own your infinity you will not have to replace a body part because of rust or corrosion, and of course if you have another collision we will be happy to help you find the correct body parts with a guaranteed fit and again a lifetime warranty on any Infinity body parts you may purchase from

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