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About Hyundai

The Hyundai group of companies was initially founded by Chung Ju-yung in the country of South Korea. This occurred in 1947 with the initial start of the construction branch of the company. However the best known division of the Hyundai group is the Motor Company. Since its inception the company has undergone many transformations due to financial crisis as well as the death of the founder however and today it has been split into several independent entities. The name Hyundai is a Korean name that translates to modernity.

The vehicle division has continued to provide a great motor vehicle to the US market. The quality of the vehicles are exceptional as well as the affordability. These vehicles are exceptional value for money and are very dependable. This vehicle brand is well engineered and can compete in many car sectors as versions are produced such as the compact sedan, the coupe and the utility vehicle as well. Following their 1986 debut in America the Hyundai is today in the top three of the largest and best selling import vehicle. Worldwide it is the seventh largest auto manufacturer as well.

The companys dedication to quality is apparent and their safety features are exceptional. All this follows the plan of the founder of Hyundai motors and his dedication to the provision of a great service. The first Hyundai was unveiled in 1968 and this was the Cotina. The Pony followed and later this was re-badged as the Excel for America. This was a great hit as it had great quality, comfort and performance at an exceptional price that was affordable to the masses.

Hyundai has continued to upgrade their vehicles over the years to stay in the top range of vehicle manufacturers. They are still dedicated to the sale of the safest and best vehicles that are affordable. They may be considered to be young by some in the game but they are still great competitors on the market that are continuing to expand and grow globally.

With great designs of Hyundai parts and accessories the company has remained a success on the market. The Hyundai Accent, Sonata and all the others continue to provide great quality and technology that is owed to the design engineers at Hyundai.

Hyundai Parts

If you are in need of parts for your Hyundai they can easily be sourced. While Hyundai is not a local vehicle the availability of parts is great. There are high quality and high performance parts to be found on the internet and many other resources. Whatever the Hyundai vehicle that you have the parts that you require will be found. Be treated to high quality parts that will meet all your needs. Hyundai is a large Asian importer into the United States and as such there are many of these vehicles on the market. This means that these there must be the provision of parts for the Hyundai vehicles in the US market.

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