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About Hummer

The Hummer is one of the brands of sports utility vehicles that are made by General Motors Company. These were based in design on the military vehicle known as the Humvee. This vehicle is a large SUV that has high fuel consumption but is built to handle off road terrain superbly. IT was originally manufactured by the AM General Corporation and was a military and government vehicle. The civilian version was carded for the 1980s but only in 1990 would it gain public attention with a drive from London to Beijing.

The civilian Hummer sale began in 1992 and this vehicle was then branded the Hummer. There is a myth that the vehicle began to be sold due to the attention the Hummer received from Arnold Schwarzenegger who suggested that he was impressed with the vehicle. The branding was eventually sold to General Motors but the vehicle's manufacture was continued by AM General.

Over the years there were two newer models developed by General Motors that included the H2 and the H3. The original design was tagged as the H1. The manufacture of the H1 is still done by AM General and they are also contracted to make the H2 but the H3 is built in Los Angles alongside the Colorado by Chevrolet and the Canyon by General Motors.

This vehicle is an exceptional success on the market and has gone international since the year 2006. There are specially selected importers and distributors around the world today. There is also a new plant for the international market and this is located in South Africa. This caters to the South African market as well and areas such as Australia, Europe, Japan and other areas of the Middle East. The Hummer is now found in 34 countries around the old and the list continues to grow.

The original Hummer is being discontinued but the brand continues. The Hummer can take you places no other vehicle can handle and caters to rough roads, inclines, slopes and water logged terrains. Thus vehicle is top of its class in terms of being a true SUV and not designed only for style but functionality as well.

Hummer Heavy Duty Parts

The muscular vehicle known as the Hummer is one that can allow you to go places. The Hummer parts that you need for your Hummer must be able to outlast the conditions that a vehicle such as the Hummer will be exposed too. The Hummer will require heavy duty parts that are able to stand the test. You will require quality engine and electrical parts as well as suspension parts, body parts and much more. Your parts must be high quality and long lasting. In order to meet these demands ensure that you only opt to purchase from reputable companies. Online parts stores are able to meet your needs as well and these are a great option.

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