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GMC Canyon

General Motors is a famous company, engineering and manufacturing highly professional trucks for ages and they dare say that all their experience accumulated since their beginning is concentrated into the latest model of GMC Canyon. You can enjoy two different models of this car, and it has three cab configurations, which match perfectly with GMC Canyon usual colors. Moreover, their engines are new too. One of the engines is a 2.9 liter one, an I4 based on 185 horsepower. The other engine is a 242 horsepower one, an I5 based on 3.7 liters. We can assure you that these engines are more powerful than the engines of any previous truck belonging to this class.

The greatest characteristics of this car, GMC Canyon are agility, the possibility to be easily maneuvered and it is also highly efficient from the fuel consumption point of view. Therefore it can be considered a very economical truck. Because of their drive based on four wheels and season tires, apart from brakes anti lock type, GMC Canyon is an excellent truck for off road purposes. Another important feature is related to its sport suspensions.

An important aspect nowadays is related to protection. This means protecting the driver and all the other passengers in the case of an impact. GMC Canyon is famous for this aspect concerning safety. We can assure you that the price of this car is low if you consider its high quality. You can transport cargo and 5 people as well.

Now from the car parts point of view, you have arrived on the right site because we have for you everything you need and we can give you good advice concerning the maintenance of your car and a lot of tips related to fuel consumption and much more interesting facts about cars. GMC Canyon cars will never disappoint you, neither our company, ready to take your order in no time and to focus on each customer's needs.

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