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About GEO

Today the GEO brand of vehicles is hardly recognized. This comes from the short lived division of a corporation and the GEO brand last for a short time for a vehicle. The home of the GEO brand was the General Motor Corporation that started production in 1989. The line was intended to provide some competition to the Japanese vehicles that were being imported into the American market. The Japanese vehicles have been dominating the American market for some time and it was hoped this new line would make inroads to this.

The project was not as successful as was intended and the line of vehicles did not make it pass the ten year bracket. The small GEO cars were absorbed by the Chevrolet division. This included all the vehicles in the GEO line up and the last vehicle produced that was an original GEO was the Prizm. This vehicle was sold in the year 2001 when Chevrolet also retired the vehicles.

All the models of the GEO that were produced by General Motors were however very unique as the cars were not actually manufactured by General Motors. The designers were foreign partners with General Motors such as Isuzu and Daihatsu and Suzuki. Perhaps the only model that had a GM hand in it was the Prizm which was still a joint venture effort with Toyota.

Some of the other vehicles that were manufactured include the GEO Metro, the Spectrum, the Tracker and the Storm. These all have the appearance of Japanese vehicles as this was a part of the overall plan. The Spectrum and the Storm were manufactured by Isuzu and the others were done with Toyota and Suzuki. The vehicles lacked nothing in quality but were not well recognized and the brand eventually failed. This does not however mean that the cars are still not around and on the roads today. There are still several GEO cars on the roads and these do require parts.

GEO Automotive and Body Parts

Although these vehicles were short lived there is still a demand for parts. The GEO vehicle owners will find it difficult to locate parts for their cars. IT will be difficult as well to source parts for the GEO that match in quality. One of the avenues that are open however is the internet which is a valuable resource for the purchase of quality parts.

You can search and locate hard to find parts on the internet easily and you can be lead to websites that can provide good replacement parts and body parts for your GEO. The parts will fit your GEO and you can get both interior and exterior parts as well that fit your particular GEO model. Whether it is a Metro, Spectro or Tracker or any other GEO all your needs are catered too. Get great high quality parts that will cater to all your GEO automotive needs on the internet today.

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