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Ford Torino:

The Ford Torino was released in the year 1967 and is a gem of a vehicle. The vehicle was introduced to the market as a replacement for the Ford Fairlane and is a vehicle that was built to fit into the mid-size car category. The vehicle was built for the American market and in the early years was a vehicle that was the base for many of the Ford NASCAR entrants. The vehicle was over time made into a performance vehicle. There were many trims that the vehicle came in and these were great options for buyers.

The Ford Torino came in the two door and there was also the notchback hardtop versions to name a few. There were also four door sedan versions as well as wagons and a few others. The engine was powerful and the vehicle was made to last. Some versions even have that extra sporty finish that set the vehicle apart from the set. There was a long list of accessories and adaptations that made the vehicle exceptional on the road and appealing to buyers. Over time many design changes were made to the vehicles and there were even some further modifications as well as eliminations. There was the introduction of the Ford Gran Torino to the market as well.

The Ford Torino was eventually dropped when Ford decided to focus on more practical units and they dropped the convertible. Never the less there are many Ford Torino vehicles still around. The Ford Torino Front Door Shell, Fuel Filler Door, Front Bumper Ext/End or Front Fender sourcing has never been easier at There you will get all that you need for you vehicle to keep the body in great condition. You will get quality parts for a great price and all covered with a lifetime warranty. There are many other parts that can be found as well for other vehicles as well. This is a one stop shop for all your body parts needs.

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