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Ford Probe:

The Ford Probe is a vehicle that was made from the year 1989 until 1997. It was a sporty coupe that was sold in Europe as well as North America. There are several models that are linked with this label and these include some earlier models as well. The Probe was launched in 1989 as a replacement for the Ford EXP. It also was carded to fill the gap of the Ford Capri which was on the European market. The Ford Probe however was more similar to the Mazda MX-6 than either of the Ford vehicles it was to replace. The two models that were produced were based on the Mazda platforms.

The Ford Motor company also intended to replace the Ford Mustang with the Probe but the success of the Probe was limited and the company did not make this move as the Ford Probe could not match the success of the Mustang particularly on the American market. The pricing of the Probe is attributed as one of the main reasons that the vehicle was not as much as success as Ford anticipated. The vehicle was worth the price of the competitors more prestigious sports coupes but the public preferred to go for these well known vehicles. Styling was another factor that was highlighted. Although the Ford Probe was not poorly styled there was some shortage in terms of the sporty and aggressive look of the vehicles compared to others.

The sales of the Ford Probe began to sink in the years from 1995 to its demise in 1997. Before that it was one of the top cars. In 1993 it was designated the car of the year by Motor Trend Magazine and after that was among the list for the top ten vehicles for the years 1993 and 1994 and once earlier in 1989. There are still many Ford Probes on the market today and you can source quality body parts for this vehicle at Here you will get Ford Probe speciality items as well as bumpers, panels and much more.

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