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Ford Pinto:

The Ford name is one of the most respected in the market. The vehicles that they produce are well known for being quality works. They have revolutionized the mass production of vehicles and made it easier for the consumer to afford vehicles. The Ford Pinto is a vehicle that also had a twin on the market. This was the Mercury Bobcat. The Ford Pinto is a compact vehicle that was produced from the year 1971 until the year 1980. The vehicle came in three main body styles. These were the 2-door sedan and the 2-door hatchback versions. There was also a station wagon in the later years.

The Ford Pinto vehicles were made of a unibody construction that was the method used in vehicles of that time period. The unibody type of construction is where there is an external skin is used as a support for the load on the structure. The other method is where there is the use of an internal framework that is non-load bearing. This is more costly and the unibody makes the vehicle less expensive but stronger. There were many different engines that were used in this vehicle. The Kent engine form Ford was however given the thumbs up as an engine that delivered satisfactory performance and led to the vehicle being well reviewed.

Ford Pinto is a vehicle that was a good performer on the market. There are still many Ford Pinto's on the roads today even though the vehicle is no longer in production. The Ford Pinto parts to keep your Ford Pinto in a great condition are not difficult to source. At you can source the parts that you need in a short space of time. There are many Ford Pinto Front Bumpers, Condenser Fan Assemblies and Rear Bumpers to name a few. You will be able to get quality parts at a great price and be on your way to a vehicle that is safe on the roads

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