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Ford Maverick:

The Ford Maverick is one of the most used marques under the Ford branding. The name has been utilized fro three types of vehicles and in different countries as well. The first of the cars was initially produced in 1969 and this was in production until the year 1977. The original vehicle had hit the market as a to-door sedan and this over the years saw the increase in the models and there were later in four door sedans as well in 1971. There were special models that came out too such as the Sprint and the Stallion to name a few. The vehicle has a front engine and was a rear wheel drive vehicle that was called as a compact car. These were sold mainly in the Americas.

The Ford Maverick is the vehicle that topped sales of the Ford Mustang. The end of the Ford Maverick came however when the Ford Granada was introduced. The Ford Maverick and the Ford Comer were the same vehicle in specifications and sales were high but when the Granada hit the market the sales dwindled and the Maverick was cut from the line up.

As for the other vehicles that carried the Ford Maverick name there was an off roader in Australia and in Europe a Sport Utility Vehicle. The off roader was sold between 1988 and 1998 and had some success with its design based on the Nissan Patrol GR. The SUV was based on the Nissan Terrano and was made in Spain and sold from 1193 to 2001. There was also use of the name again in Europe for the Ford Escape. The Ford Maverick name is one that is well known and respected many places in the world today.

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