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Ford LTD:

There have been many descriptions of the Ford LTD on the market. There are some that think that the LTD is just an abbreviation for the word limited and there are others that speculated that it means Lincoln Type Design or Lincoln-Thunderbird Division or even Luxury Trim Decor. Regardless of the meaning this is a vehicle that always stands out as a model that has the best to offer in terms of engine power and overall performance. The Ford LTD is known as well for the luxury that it provides as well as the accessories and options.

The Ford LTD was first coined for the Ford Galaxie in 1965 where it was used as the high end trim for the vehicle. It possessed the title that become associated with luxury and power. In two years time there was a separate Ford LTD and the lower models and the Ford Galaxie marque was dropped. There was later the introduction of the Ford LTD II that came as a high end trim for the Torino. The name was well established to be known for the luxury and power of the vehicles.

In the 1980s there was the introduction of the Ford LTD Crown Victoria. The LTD nameplate was put o a mid-size car and this was offered as a sedan and a wagon until the year 1987. This was a very successful car for Ford and this was translated as being the third best selling vehicle for Ford in the early 80s. The final Ford LTD Crown Victoria was made in 1987 and the Ford Victoria was reintroduced in 1992 as a standalone vehicle not again labelled under the Ford LTD branding.

There are still many Ford LTD vehicles on the road today and you can attain the parts you need to keep the body in great shape or even to enhance the body of the vehicle at You will be able to attain Ford LTD front fenders, doors, panels and fuel tanks and much more.

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