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Ford GT:

The Ford GT is a vehicle that was much anticipated on the market. The specifications for the vehicle were released by Ford as a part of the 100th anniversary of the company. This vehicle is the largest halo vehicle that will be released by the Ford Motor Company. The vehicle is based on a make over of the GT40 which was a car of the 1960s. This was a classic Le Mans racing car that was very limited in its production at that time. The new version is however seen to be much more than was anticipated.

The Ford GT is carded as a vehicle that has great torque and horsepower. There is a V8 engine that will produce up to 500 horsepower and there will be at least 500 foot pounds of torque. The vehicle is anticipated to exceed speeds of 180 mph and this exceeds the predecessor that the vehicle was based upon. The vehicle is made to be easy to drive but I believe that it also comes close to a modified racer on the roads as well. The vehicle which was debuted in 2004 is one of the most hyped vehicles in the Ford line up.

The Ford GT is by no means a cheap vehicle. This vehicle goes at a cost of about $150,000 and this is still a price that is reasonable for the performance that the vehicle delivers to owners. The price of the vehicle is similar to the price for the Ferrari 360 Modena and this vehicle is expected to out perform the Ferrari Modena. It will corner better and be more stable on the roadways. The vehicle will brake easily and it will be faster at a speed of 0 - 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. This is a vehicle that will appeal too many but the issue will be in the resale value that may drop drastically after a few years.

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