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Ford Granada:

The Ford Granada is a name that was used for two different vehicles made by the Ford Motor Company in the 1970's. The first vehicle was one that was made for the European market and this has an exceptional selling rate on the market. This has a great luxurious look and one of the best trimmings. There were many accessories and options that could be included with this vehicle. The passenger accommodations for this vehicle would typically hold five persons in comfort and the interior was very luxurious as well. The vehicle was overall very driver friendly.

The performance of the Ford Granada on the road was also exceptional. The engine was powerful and this meant that the vehicle was able to get bursts of speed that were able to be maintained on the road. The Ford Granada that was produced for the European market was a vehicle that was able to compete well on the market. The vehicle that launched in 1972 was produced in Germany and the UK. It was discontinued in 1985 in every location in Europe with the exception of the UK where it continued until 1994.

The North American vehicle was released in 1975. This had a different body and engine from the European Ford Granada. The vehicle was in fact more similar to the Mercury Monarch and this meant that it has a lot of the engineering and design similarities from these vehicles. The Ford Granada was discontinued from the Ford North American line up around the year 1983.

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