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Ford Fusion:

The Ford Fusion is an American vehicle that bellows to the mid-sized car class. This was produced by the Ford Motor Company in the year 2005 and went on sale as a 2006 model at this time. The Fusion was made in Mexico and there were three cars that were built ob the platform and these included the MKZ and the Zephyr as well. The Fusions had a catchy advertising campaign in the United States and this stated Life in Drive as the motto. The ad campaign in Canada also coined a catchy phrase in Create a Reaction.

The Ford Fusion was debuted with the three bar grille design and this is the new look of the vehicle. The Ford Fusion takes some design features from the Mazda such as the engine. There are also some interior parts that are shared with the Mondeo. The vehicle was made available in both the automatic and the manual transmissions. This vehicle was originally carded to be labelled the Futura which was once used as the name of a two door Fairmont but there were trademark problems with some tires that had the Futura branding. The consideration of the Falcon name was also dabbled with but this was also not chosen for the popularity of the Australian Ford Falcon.

The Ford Fusion eventually took the name of the European Fusion in any case that is a super mini that was based on the Fiesta. This was the name that was settled on and the vehicle was launched in 2005. There are many reasons that you may require body parts for your Ford Fusion. These can range from an accident or just the desire to customize your ride. Whatever the reason you can locate quality parts from These include Ford Fusion Step Bumper, Side Marker Lamp and much more. Make your life simple and source body parts for your Ford Fusion online at and have them delivered right to your door.

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