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Ford Freestar:

The Ford Freestar is a vehicle that used to be known as the Ford Windstar. The reason for this name change is due to the policy adopted by Ford to change the name of all their vehicles to start with the letter F. This is with the aim to use this as a marketing strategy where all their vehicles are easily identifiable. The other reason may have included the fact that the sales of the Ford Windstar were not very good and the minivan was suffering on the market. With some changes to the vehicle and the name also, Ford hoped to turn around these figures.

The Ford Freestar was launched in the year 2004 and the vehicle had the form and the performance of the original Windstar. There was however some changes in terms of the interior of the vehicle that had been redesigned and upgraded to meet the demands of the customers. The vehicle had also been improved in terms of the safety features that were included.

In terms of performance the Ford Freestar is indeed on par with the competitors and the vehicle is a good vehicle in this aspect. The only thing that is holding back this vehicle is perhaps the style of the exterior of the vehicle that is unappealing to many consumers. This is one area in design that Ford has neglected to change even with the change in the name of the vehicle. There are some perks though in the design such as the low floor panel that makes entry and exits simple as well as the interior space that allows for maximum comfort to the passengers.

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