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Ford Focus:

The Ford Focus unlike other models of cars is a vehicle that sells well both in Europe and in the U.S. The vehicle has been a hit in two very diverse markets where the likes and the dislikes of vehicles vary greatly. This vehicle is indeed one of the internationally successful vehicles that has been produced by Ford and has taken a great deal of sales. The Ford Focus was initially launched in Europe and this was in the year 1998. The vehicle replaced the Ford Escort which was another very successful Ford vehicle.

The Ford Focus only hit American markets in the year 1999 and this was a 2000 model. This vehicle was introduced to the market alone and not with a luxury model that went into the Mercury brand. There was also the launch of the Ford Focus in other markets around the world with some success. This vehicle is said to have replaced another Ford vehicle called the Laser in the other markets such as in Japan and Australia.

There are currently two major generations of the Ford Focus. These are the First generation that was the Focus Mark I and this did well in all the markets that it was introduced to. It came in the sedan and coupe models as well as in a wagon type style. These vehicles had good performance on the road and good handling as well. The newer generation of the Ford Focus was on the European market by the year 2004. This is the second generation of the vehicle and has some engine upgrades but otherwise is very much similar to the first generation.

The Ford Focus is a great vehicle and you can find quality parts for it at many locations online. A great location is where you can get high quality body parts for all your needs. You can source the Ford Focus Quarter Panels and Skins as well as the Hood Panel and Front Fender Extension to name a few. Get all the parts you need with convenience on your side today at

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