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Ford Fiesta:

The Ford Fiesta has been one of the most successful vehicles to the Ford Motor Company. The vehicle has been produced for a period of six generations and continues to be produced today. There have been as many as 10 million units of this car sold and there is no need to wonder why the vehicle is so immensely successful on the market. The vehicle must have many features that make it a better choice over others.

The Ford Fiesta is a vehicle that is classed as a mid-class sub-compact. It was first introduced to the market by Ford in the year 1976 and is still made till today. The major manufacture of this vehicle is done in a European plant however the vehicle is also made in other areas such as Mexico, India and Brazil to name a few. The vehicle is not sold in the US presently and had a short appearance on the US market in the first generation of its production.

The Ford Fiesta was first introduced as an answer to the need for a fuel efficient vehicle as there was an energy crisis that was hitting the Americas at that time. The vehicle was a success and was in fact one of the first new cars that Ford manufactured in five years. The Ford Fiesta has seen a lot of success in the sales outside of the US. It has continued to be sold with modifications to the body and the design over the years. In the year 2002 the sixth generation was released and was a totally new design.

Whether you are purchasing this vehicle new or used the vehicle will serve you well over the years and you will be able to maintain the vehicle with the best aftermarket parts. These are easily available from and you can source Ford Fiesta Front Fenders and Radiators and many other parts for the body of your vehicle. You will get quality parts for a great price.

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