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Ford Falcon:

The Ford Falcon is a vehicle that was designed to cater to the needs of the market in terms of the need for affordability and a small vehicle that was cheaper but just as reliable. Larger vehicles were getting more and more costly and this meant that the family car owners needed options that were able to serve them well but that were more affordable. There was initially the focus by Ford on the larger and the more profitable vehicles but in the 50s this would no longer work. Ford therefore designed the Ford Falcon to meet the needs of their clients that could no longer afford the larger vehicles.

The Ford Falcon was a small vehicle in terms of the American market but was considered to be a medium sized car in other areas. The vehicle went into production in 1960 and it went to many countries other than the US. The Falcon was a vehicle that sold well over the years and this is definitely one of the best selling names used by Ford. The domination of the market by the Ford Falcon was apparent in countries such as Australia and New Zealand and the vehicle continues to see success.

The Ford Falcon had a unibody construction and a standard suspension as well as other features. The car can hold 6 passengers in good comfort and has a relatively simple but sufficient interior. There are many versions that were available and these included the sedan and the wagon as well as panel vans. This vehicle was very affordable and served its niche well. The final sales year was 1969 in the United States. The Falcon based vehicle was however released again in the year 2004 and this was an all wheel drive off road model.

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