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Ford Fairmont:

The Ford Fairmont is a vehicle that will satisfy the need for a car that is high performance and ready for the road. This vehicle is an entry level luxury vehicle that is filled with a ton of amenities to please all owners. This is the vehicle that many have been searching for and never found out there. The branding of the Ford Fairmont differs as it has been used in tow unrelated models of vehicles that were released. One in Australia and the other in North America the two could never be more different.

The Ford Fairmont from Australia was a large vehicle and was based on a more lavish version of the Ford Falcon. There this vehicle is the one that still commands a following and is the one that is satisfying its customers till today. The American version of the vehicle was a compact car that was rear wheel drive. This vehicle was one that was sold just in 1983 and was not as much a hit as the Australian car. The Australian Ford Fairmont continues to include technology and innovations and continues to be a hit on the market.

This was the first vehicle that was built at the Ford Fox platform and was initially offered in many standard versions. The suspension of the vehicle was great and this meant that there was a great ride. The vehicle was getting good reviews in America and doing well but then with the average sized vehicles continual shrinkage it became necessary by Ford to give the Fairmont an upmarket image and this meant re-badging. This meant an end to the Ford Fairmont as we know it in America and the change to the Ford LTD.

Never the less there can still be found some Ford Fairmont's on America's roads today. If you are the owner of such a vehicle you will want to keep it in great condition. You will need the best body parts that are available on the market. You can find Ford Fairmont grilles, front bumper assemblies and much more. All this can e sourced from We offer quality parts with a lifetime warranty and with affordability and convenience. Start shopping today.

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