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Ford EXP:

There are many car enthusiasts that come from several different walks of life. They are from different generations and age brackets and have varying tastes. There are the older folks that go for muscle and some of the younger as well. The preferences differ in sports cars many times based on the generation gaps. There was initially no solution to car manufacturers to cater to the needs of the two age groups together.

Ford came up with the option that could bridge this gap. They made the initiative to bridge this gap and in 198 Ford released the Ford EXP. This was a vehicle that could appeal to all enthusiasts and was even affordable to younger persons. This vehicle was stylish and fashionable but at the same time affordable. The vehicle was a hit on the market and there was a definite change on the market as a result.

The Ford EXP was a short lived vehicle but it served the purpose in terms of the interest and response that was generated. The vehicle came out in 1981 and also in 1982 there was the launch of the sport coupe. The vehicle reintroduced the two-seater vehicle Ford to the market after a long absence. The Ford EXP was the first since 1957 to hit the market.

There was initially only one version of the Ford EXP for the first few years. There where three forms that were introduced later on. The other versions included the Luxury Coupe and the Turbo versions. The vehicle's production ended in the year 1988 and there was only the production of the Luxury Coupe for this year. The Ford EXP had a relatively short run on the market but is a vehicle that can still be found on the road today.

There are still parts available for the Ford EXP. You can find the parts that you need on You can get Ford EXP radiators, rear bumpers and much more. For the best quality parts on the market, use today.

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