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Ford Excursion:

The Ford Excursion was first introduced in the year 2000. The vehicle was a new and innovative design that was not initially well accepted. There was much criticism of the built and the size of the vehicle. This design was new to the industry and the public opinion was initially not very encouraging. There was much scepticism on the future of this vehicle. There however was no major need for concern. The new design by Ford was a bit ahead of its time and this meant that the public was perhaps not yet ready.

There was eventually a waning of the negative reactions to the Ford Excursion and this meant that the SUV was to become appreciated as one of the most dependable vehicles in the years to come. The vehicle actually may have benefited from the initial publicity and came to the limelight as a vehicle that is well known today for the flexibility and reliability that it offers. The vehicle has a passenger capacity of nine which is very much a great option especially for large families.

The vehicle was built as a spin off to the super duty pickup and is the largest SUV that was offered by Ford with an automatic transmission. The Ford Excursion is a vehicle that is powerful and great for towing as well. The vehicle has great towing ability and great cargo capacity as well. The vehicle is today one of the hits of Ford.

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