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Ford Escort ZX2:

The branding of the Ford Escort was first introduced in the year 1967 as a British vehicle. The vehicle was built to be a compact vehicle that was released under the Ford Company. The vehicle first came out with a rear wheel drive and a manual transmission. The Ford Escort ZX2 came out some time after this. The vehicle was popular for some time due in part to the success of other models on the market. Ford Escort has carved a name for itself on the market and was well known for the Mk and other vehicles that had style.

There were many features of the vehicle that were desirable such as the overhead cam, suspension and much more. The Ford Escort ZX2 was a well appreciated vehicle and there was much to like. The dedication to the pleasure of the customer was never higher and the Escort had continued to show Ford's efforts in this aspect. There continued to be developments in terms of technology and design over the years and the vehicle was one that was well received.

The Ford Escort ZX2 is a vehicle that continues to be appreciated by many around the world. There have been many highlights over the years in terms of the Ford Escort brand. In 1981 the vehicle was awarded the World Car title and there are many other highlights on the American market. The Ford Escort went into expanded production in 1992 and continued to be loved on the market. The vehicle had a great run of for decades and was only retired in the year 2002.

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