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Ford Escort:

The Ford Escort was first introduced as a British automobile in 1967. These vehicles fell into the sub-compact cars class on the Ford Motor Company portfolio. The vehicle came out with a conventional rear wheel drive and a 4 speed manual transmission. The Ford Escort came out at a high time for the name Escort as the Ford Escort Mk version was already out there and was a hit due to the dog bone shaped front grille and the unique headlights. The Ford Escort found some great success and in the year 1981 was carded as a vehicle that was a "World Car". The vehicle was geared to the American market at this time and there were a lot of changes.

The new Ford Escort had many full features and has an overhead cam, independent suspension, front wheel drive and much more. The vehicle also had many trim versions to choose from. The many versions of the vehicle expanded to include even a four door hatchback that was very popular. This was introduced the year that the Ford Escort captured the title for the top selling car for the year in America. Ford continued to keep its dedication to their customers and always sought ways to redesign and improve technology.

The Ford Escort had an expanded production in the year 1992 and this lead to the release of some new four door sedans as well. These were indeed a hit on the market. The vehicle now boasted a more aerodynamic body and there was even better ride quality. There was a great run for this vehicle that lasted four decades. The vehicle was replaced only in the year 2002. This does not mean that there are no Ford Escort vehicles on the road.

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