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Ford Courier Pickup:

The Ford Courier was made by the Toyo Kogyo company that is today popularly known by the Mazda brand. The vehicle was imported by Ford and sold under the Ford brand in response to the popularity of the Toyota and Nissan pickups among many buyers. The attention of the young buyers in the west was unexpectedly directed to this class of vehicle and Ford at the time had nothing to bring to the market to capture this section of the market.

They invested in the vehicle made by Mazda and branded it the Ford Courier. The vehicle was similar to the other mini-pickups and had a 2L four cylinder engine, manual transmission and rear wheel drive design. The vehicle also had a good load capacity when its size was evaluated and was a very affordable pickup compared to the other full sized pickups of the time. The vehicle hit the market at a cost of $3000 US and this was very affordable for the class of vehicle.

The Ford Courier was designed to fit with the Ford F-series and this meant the look that was aimed for and achieved was the look of a little Ford truck. The vehicle had a typical 4 speed manual transmission and there where not many other option initially. In the year 1977 the Ford Courier was redesigned. The vehicle was upgraded in terms of the engine and the transmission and made more powerful. There was also the introduction of an automatic option at this time. The vehicle continued to be marketed until 1982 but at this time there was the introduction of the Mazda B2000 that was the same vehicle. This motivated Ford to introduce in 1983 there own compact to fill the need for the compact truck section. They introduced the Ford Ranger and the Ford Courier disappeared from the market in North America.

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