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Ford Contour:

The Ford Contour was first introduced to the market in the year 1995. The vehicle was not as much of a hit on the market as was anticipated and had only a short lifetime on the market. The vehicle had a very short run on the market and was pulled in the year 2000. This was a run of only 5 years which is very short in terms of the typical vehicle run on the market.

The Ford Contour was introduced to the North American market in response to the great success of the Ford Mondeo in the European market. The vehicle was anticipated to duplicate this success in the North American market but came up way too short. The vehicle was designed to fall in between the compact vehicle and the midsize vehicle. It had a low end engine option available as well as a GL and LX models that were more luxurious.

The Ford Contour was also available in the sportier models and there were additional features on the trim models such as dual airbags, cross car structural brace and much more. There were optional features that included ABS and traction control as well as a four speed automatic transmission. The vehicle had many accessories over the years and performance was enhanced through the five years of its production to enhance the vehicle's ability to compete on the market. The vehicle was however not able to stand up to the competition by the turn of the new millennium. The Ford Contour was already losing steam on the market and with the turn of the millennium its fate was sealed and it was dropped from the Ford line up.

There are however many Ford Contour vehicles that are still on the market and that deliver well in terms of performance. If you own a Ford Contour and would like to keep that vehicle in the best possible shape then start shopping at Here you will find the Ford Contour Tailgate / Deck Lid / Back Door that you require and much more. Start shopping today.

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