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Ford Bronco II:

The Ford Bronco II was a vehicle that was a spin off to the larger Ford Bronco. This vehicle was ideally classified as a compact SUV and this was introduced between the years 1984 and 1990. The vehicle was a great complement to the full-size Bronco and this was offered on the market as a great alternative to the other SUVs offered by Ford and its competitors. The vehicle competed well on the market and was a challenge to mainly the Chevrolet S10 and the Jeep Cherokee to name a few.

The Ford Bronco II was the first of Ford's compact SUVs on the market since the original Ford Bronco was introduced in the year 1965 and sold until 1977. The vehicle was initially small and was later made larger and brawnier. The Ford Bronco II was the return to a smaller version of the vehicle that was originally introduced. The new version however had the mechanical and structural base of the Ford Ranger.

There were however some problems with the Ford Bronco II. These problems are perhaps the flaws in many of the small SUVs on the market. The vehicle was known to have the problem of friction rollovers. This is when the cornering forces and the tire friction forces that are made by the driver's steering input are increased to levels that are high enough to result in the vehicle rotating on its longitudinal axis and this lifts the tires off the ground and results in the rollover. This is a problem with many of the SUV designs that are small as the designs are too narrow in relation to the height of the vehicle. Regardless of all this the vehicle was still one that was very profitable on the market.

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