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Ford Aspire:

The design of the Ford Aspire is not owed only to the company brand that it wears but also to two other reputable companies. These are Kia and Mazda. The body of the Ford Aspire owes its body to the aspirations of the South Korean company, Kia Motors and it owes the engine and the components to the Japanese company Mazda Corporation. The vehicle was introduced in the USA in the year 1994 and was placed as a replacement for the older brand, the Festiva.

The Ford Aspire hit the market as an entry level vehicle that catered to the needs of the person seeking value for money. The vehicle was very affordable and had a versatility that was enviable on the market. This hatchback came in tow and four door options and was carded as an econocar. The typical setup was a 1.3 L engine that had 63 horsepower and there were five speed manual and three speed automatic options to this. The economy offered by the vehicle was exceptional.

The Ford Aspire had the combination of a good ride, good performance and handling all for a low price. The vehicle was simple to drive and although not slow is not a sports vehicle. Perhaps the most loved feature is the fuel economy but let us not forget that even though small the vehicle has a surprising cargo capacity. The vehicle can appear to be very compact but the design has catered to the need that we all have for a bit extra in terms of cargo space. You will be able to compare this compact hatchback perhaps to a compact sedan and there may even be a bit more space.

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