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About Fiat

The Fiat group of companies is the home to the Fiat automobile. This vehicle is an Italian automobile that is bases is Turin, North Italy. The company was first formed in the year 1899 and this was done by a group of persons including one Giovanni Agnelli. The Term Fiat stood for Italian Car Factory of Turin. There was also some other thought in to name as FIAT also meant "let there be" in Latin.

The Fiat brand is today made all over the world in places like Poland and Brazil as well as Argentina and the original Italy. There are also a few other locations around the world where there are joint venture productions. The grandson of Agnelli was the first chairman for Fiat and took control of the company over the years from 1966 until 2003 when he died. His long reign saw the progression of the company over the years.

The company has seen some confusion from this point as there have been many changes in personnel. The fact however remains that the Agnelli family continues to play a great role in the business. The company remains the largest auto manufacturer in Italy and they have a wide range of vehicles that include the Panda, Punto and many others. The company has remained a forerunner in the European Car of the Year award and has had this award for eleven times over the 40 years the award has been running. This is more than any other company.

The Fiat automotives section of the company has been courting the option of a joint venture with a foreign company for some time. It made such an arrangement with GM in 2000 and this was seen as an opportunity to move its automotive business. The arrangement included an option for GM to purchase the auto division from Fiat in four years but GM opted not to buy and paid the penalty instead. As of 2005 Fiat has now moved on to courting Ford and they hope that this alliance will mean the future success of Fiat.

Fiat continues to find success in the European market and are ever trying to secure there future as well. It is vital for success in the competitive market environment that they put measures in place that can sustain the future of the brand and make it one that last through the years. With great designs and technology and good business planning this company will continue to find success.

Fiat Service Parts

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