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About Eagle

The Eagle brand of vehicles is one that not many persons are familiar with and some young people today may not even be aware that this brand once existed. This brand is quite often overlooked due to its similarity to many of the other popular brands on the market. The brand was also very much short-lived. The Eagle brand was a division of the Chrysler Company and the vehicles were produced and marketed from the year 1987 until 1998.

The Eagle brand owes its name to the AMC Eagle when there was the purchase of the American Motors in 1987. This was the title of one of the later cars made by AMC before they were taken over by Chrysler. The first set of Eagle vehicles were designed by the AMC engineers and the Renault crew but later models had the touch of the Mitsubishi line. This is astounding to think off as it is a fact that the owner of the Eagle brand only ever actually designed one of the vehicles. This is the Eagle Vision that was designed by the Chrysler team.

Some of the vehicles that were marketed under the Eagle brand were the Eagle Talon, Medallion, Premier, Summit and the Vision. These vehicles are considered to be however badge engineered vehicles that matched other counterparts under some major names such as Plymouth, Mitsubishi and even the Chrysler Dodge. The quality of all these vehicle however were on par with the others but the problem encountered with this brand was the name recognition.

The Eagle was often passed of as the brands that it was similar too and as such the cars were never given an identity of their own. The quantity of the vehicles over the years should have pushed they through to success but this underlying problem led to the eventual death of this branding. In 1998 the Eagle brand was dropped by the Chrysler Company due to the poor sales as the product was never recognized.

Eagle Vehicle Parts

Do not be misguided however and think that the parts in the Eagle vehicles were anything less than quality. Each vehicle possessed great parts that were designed to provide great performance and appearances. Today there are also many places that you can find Eagle parts should you require any for your vehicle. It is important however to stick to the quality vehicle parts for your Eagle vehicle in order to maintain performance at it's highest.

You can locate online tons of parts that will work for you Eagle vehicle. Although the line of vehicles has been discontinued we still provide these parts due to the need for them from Eagle owners. For all your performance and replacement parts just look online and you will find them. Locate parts for your Premier, Summit, Vision and all the others. Keep your Eagle vehicle good as new and performing at its best. Get the parts that you require with less of a hassle online today.

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