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About Datsun

The original DAT was made in the year 1914 by the Kwaushinsha Motorcar Works Company in Tokyo. This company would later change its name until it became the DAT Motorcar Company in the year 1925. DAT was mainly into the construction of trucks and DAT passenger cars and output focused more on trucks as there was a great market for commercial vehicles at that time. In 1918 the DAT trucks were made for the military market and in the 1920s when this demand was decreased focus moved to other areas. A merger with another company was considered and in 1926 they merged with Osaka Company known as Jitsuyo Jidosha Company Limited. They continued with this relationship for several years until 1932.

The Datsun name was never actually connected with a particular firm but instead the brand was used in production by other companies. The name was first coined in the year 1931 by a company called DAT Motorcar Company. This was used for a new car model and the spelling was used to refer to the smaller size in relation to the older and larger DAT vehicle. The 'son' was an indication of this relation and the new smaller car was coined to be the 'son of DAT'.

The Datson brand underwent another small change in the year 1933 when it was changed to Datsun when Nissan Motor Company took over. The reason for this was really one that was based on the Japanese meaning of the word 'son' which also means loss. This was the actual final change to the Datsun name and from here it remained steady.

While today the Datsun brand is no longer in use it is still a brand that is well known in Japan and is kept alive a bit as a tag on some Nissan pickups in Japan. Datsun has remained well known and respected for the sports coupes that they produced as well. In the year 1983 the Datsun breathed its final breathe and was discontinued but definitely not forgotten. There are still many fanatic and collectors of the Datsun vehicles and these vehicles continue to be popular.

Datsun Restoration Parts

There are many fans of the Datsun line of vehicles that continue to have the need for parts and services related to the Datsun vehicle. There are several companies that offer restoration services as well. The demand for classic restoration parts continues and some places also have on offer specialized restoration kits that are made for specific areas of the Datsun. These include kits such as Door Panel Kits and many others as well. It is possible if you search online to attain all that you require for your Datsun restoration project.

The supply of other hard to find parts such as OEM parts is also found at many of the online stores on the internet. You can locate Emblems, Trim and many other aftermarket accessories as well. In your restoration project check the internet and you will be led to all the parts that you require.

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