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About Daewoo

Daewoo vehicles were at one time one of the most popular cars in the vehicle industry. They had features that included great luxury and were well engineered. Daewoo vehicles were a Korean made car that was one of the most successful vehicles that competed with other more established lines such as Toyota and Ford. They were competitive and had great performance wit a unique styling of their own. There were many ups and downs in the history of the Daewoo automobile brand which eventually led to the brand surviving in only tow main areas namely, South Korea and Vietnam.

Of the Daewoo vehicles produced over the years there are a few that stand out. These include the Daewoo Leganza and the Nubira as well as the Lanos that are still around today. The Leganza is a four door sedan that was equipped with ABS and this made it a much safer vehicle in terms of stopping. The brakes system is able to stop without locking up preventing skids. This was a very powerful vehicle that was driven by a top of the line engine with good power. The vehicle was produced in two main transmission designs namely, the five speed manual and the four speed manual versions.

The Nubira produced by Daewoo catered to the comfort, performance and style that we all seek in vehicles. This came as a sedan version with four doors and a station wagon version also with four doors. The typical engine found in this model would be the 2.0 liter engine that had 129 hp and that was a four cylinder engine. The transmission options here included an automatic and a manual version. These vehicles catered to luxury and had alloy wheels, driver's seats that were easily adjusted to many positions, leather interior and seats as well as new technologies such as keyless entry and remote trunk release. The standard also included the typical electronic windows as well.

The Lanos was the Daewoo economy vehicle as it was the smallest of the vehicles mentioned. It is a front wheel drive subcompact in two door hatchback and also comes in a four door sedan version. This vehicle offered great value for money in its class and was a hit. The Daewoo brand was in the 90s cutting close to the top 10 motor companies but when forced to sell due to the Kim administration in Korea has been seen to be absorbed by other companies that have re-badged the Daewoo under their lower end models. Daewoo was bought by General Motors and today though not visible I brand in many areas is still around.

Daewoo Replacement and After Market Parts

Today Daewoo vehicle owners that are worried about sourcing parts for their Daewoo should not be too concerned. They can readily source replacement and aftermarket parts to keep their vehicle in great condition. Car parts and accessories for repairs as well as maintenance are easily sourced from many locations on the internet today and all types of parts will be found to suit the particular requirements of the Daewoo car owner.

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