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Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet, one of the oldest makes in the USA, introduced the greatest sports car, Chevrolet Suburban. You don't have to imagine that this is a car for those people who live in the suburbs and haven't ever read literature. No way! It has been one of the most reliable cars since 1935, and the denomination suburban maybe is related to the fact that you can carry almost everything with it. Since that year this kind of Chevrolet suffered a lot of beneficial changes being nowadays on of the greatest cars on the market.

Suburban Chevrolet was very popular in the 1990s, having 3 seat rows, a pickup frame special for a truck, an engine V8 like and V8 engine. It can be used by the police or by stars that drive to the most expensive hotels in the USA, especially in LA. By the way, can you remember the famous movie character, Tony Soprano driving a wonderful model of Chevrolet Suburban?

In 2000 Chevrolet in 2000 could sell two types of Suburban, which are different depending on tons and having special features like trim packs and brake controllers hitch trailer types. The Suburban based on 6 liter capacity can be associated with 20 horsepower and for three quarters ton an 8.1 liter can be an option. In 2002, more characteristics are associated to LS models such as A/C, or wheels made of alloy, modern windows, modern frontal seats, and controls HVAC in the back.

With a first price of about 22,000 UDS the Suburban offers you an entirely new aerodynamic look associated with high quality features. In an effort to glamorize The Suburban our site, offer a large range of parts like headlamp doors or bezels, radiator fan assembly, front fender, cover, door mirror, etc. So don't hesitate and call us as soon as possible and we'll help you in no time, irrespective of the type of your Suburban Chevrolet. You can always count on us!

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