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Chevrolet Storm

Chevrolet Storm or more popularly known as Geo Storm has been a sports compact car launched in United States in 1990 through General Motors and produced by Isuzu. It was a part of GM's Geo types of cheap vehicles, also traded in Canada in 1992 and 1993.

Storm model was meant to be one of the lowest budget cars with a sport car looks and feel. It replaced its predecessor Geo Spectrum. Moreover Storm has been a commercial version of Isuzu Impulse, without its more expensive characteristics. Its greatest achievement was that in spite of being a sports car it was priced lower than its competitors on the market. It was rated $10,390 to $11,650 according to its model specifications, available in two different models "hatchback" and "coupe".

From the performance point of view Storm was the best on the market then for an economical compact car with the appearance of a sports car. Titled as "slick, quick and inexpensive" had the greatest skid pad, rating 0.85 g and exceeding those of Mazda car. Rated as "Every bit as demanding and fun" the car could reach from 0 to 60 mph in only 7.3 seconds with a maximum speed of 125 mph, with a 7600 rpm. The strong GSi used a 1.6 liters DOCH engine which produced 130 hp and had a compression ratio of 9:8:1.

In 1992, Storm was offered a new look, having a softer frontal fascia with no pop up covers of headlight covers, but they kept the engine, characteristics and price which were available for the first launched car. With little interior changes like some types of stereos, revised back speaker locations, and internal upholstery, the car was an immediate success again.

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