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Chevy Monza

It's very easy to imagine that Chevy Monza manufacturers have one of the greatest customer friendly ratings in the industry, offering them the most attractive show rooms. Chevy Monza may be a unique car, as the latest Chevy Monza that has a new design is also more powerful, larger and everything in its interior is optimized.

Its advantages are: acceleration, comfort and convenience, gas mileage, apart from the possibility to avoid accidents. You can handle it quite easily and its suspensions are not noisy at all. As far as reliability and maintenance are concerned the Chevy Monza is can be easily maintained if you have a daily program dedicated to it. Oil should be changed at regular intervals at least after 100,000 miles are crossed.

Chevy Monza has a very long warranty and from the point of view of performance and handling we can say that the new Chevy Monza is properly equipped with a 4 cylinder standard 4-cylinder, offering 162 hp. The V6 of 3.3 liters, with 234 HP is fine but reliable and gets to a medium speed with not too much effort.

Chevy Monza producers say the V6 will get 0-60 miles per hour in about 7.5 seconds, with the highest speed of 130 mph. Changes are performed with no effort using the manual for five speeds, and the tires in the front are operated really easily. When the engine gets to the red line, and it reaches downshift, according to the driver's wish, in manually, the Shiftronic will up shift automatically. Moreover, it provides more room and power than during previous years.

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