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Chevy Monte Carlo

Bugatti, Porsche, and Lamborghini- we have to admit that all these cars have a pretty nice look, but what can we say about their price? Well, ordinary people are looking for the ideal car. When you were little, you were attracted by expensive and eccentric cars. Now, you're a grown-up and maybe have the great possibility of understanding your childish wishes as you can see yourself in a mirror. Hey, get up! You don't have to go hunting illusions from your childhood, but to buy real things - as our Chevy Monte Carlo.

The 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo was introduced at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show. We can tell you more about its models. For example Chevy Monte Carlo LS, with an engine of 3.5 L LZE V6 can reach the power of 157kW and the torque of 298 N*m, while the SS model has an engine of 5.3 L LS4 V8 with the power of 226 KW. However, the 2006-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS has an ingenious look. Beside its exterior body panels and the sheet metal forward of the A- pillar, our Chevy Monte Carlo has revised its seats and console. Additionally, with the completely new engine options, there also come some changes in some components, such as control arm (that cause the track and ride height to be larger).

So, what can we add? Its aspect and price are affordable for whoever's budget and the most important thing is that your family will certainly fall in love with it! Imagine that you're a kind of Aladdin of our times and you want to overcome any obstacle, to defeat the evil witches. Moreover, you have the luck of owning a magic lamp - which would be your three great wishes? Lets be reasonable, you'll certainly don't ask nor for a flying carpet, neither for a woman or a monkey, but you'll require the most precious and well-looking car, don't you? The Chevy Monte Carlo is using the rear wheel drive Zeta architecture. Its engine of 3.9L is dropped in favor of the Flex Fuel 3.5L as the exclusive engine for non-SS models. Hasten to purchase it, because it may be your last opportunity!

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