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Chevy Malibu Maxx

It is certainly true that there was at least a moment in your life when you thought of yourself from a celebrity's point of view. Who can say that is absolutely pleased by owning not a very large house and an old-fashioned car or, otherwise speaking, is there anybody who doesn't like or need more than he or she already has? We can easily guess your answer, because we're a kind of 'elder brothers' for you, thinking about our natural and from times immemorial connections with the same Adam and Eve. We are very capable to understand your needs and your wishes of development and this is precisely why we have designed for you the Chevy Malibu Maxx.

The Malibu cars are manufactured at GM's Fairfax # 2 factory in Kansas City, Kansas and were introduced more than twenty years ago in order to face people's requirements of owning an original, sophisticated and in the same time with a reasonable price car. The Epsilon-based Malibu comes in two body styles, a standard 4-door sedan and a 4-door station wagon of Malibu Maxx.

This generation of the Malibu had initially a frontal design, with a wide net arranged on a horizontal surface through an outstanding chrome bar. Just imagine how secure and noble you will feel in such a resistance car we show in offering you our early news about it.

Furthermore, you don't have to be afraid of burglars, because of its personal secured-system, which will announce you in a blink of an eye if something dangerous is happening. Further models are planned to appear and the Malibu ill be roomier than before, with a redesign interior and more powerful engines.

Our Chevy Malibu Maxx has an FF layout, with a GMN platform and 4-speed automatic transmissions. Its fuel capacity is of 15.2 US gal and is related to Pontiac Grand Am and Buick Skylark - an information that should make you wand and purchase your own Chevy Malibu Maxx!

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