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Chevy LUV Pikup

Chevrolet LUV Pickup was introduced in 1972 by General Motors to compete against Toyota Hi-Lux, Datsun pickup and Ford Mazda. In United States, Chevrolet S-10 replaced Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) in 1982 although the LUV continued market capitalization in other regions and markets.

The LUV's engine was a 1.8 L SOHC straight-4 engine with a capacity to produce 75 horse powers (up to 56 kW). The design was similar to a traditional truck having a 102.4 in wheelbase which was the norm of the market at that time.

The LUV Pickup trucks, though seem ordinary in shape and design, yet are mighty effective; and this has been globally accepted and acknowledged. The four-wheel drive LUV was awarded Truck of the Year award by Motor Trend magazine in 1979. It was one of the most popular trucks of that era. Realizing the market requirements, several changes and redesigns were made to Chevy LUVs. These included addition of four-wheel drive, and change of engine to Isuzu C223 diesel with 58 horse power support and enhanced fuel economy. The Chevy LUV's engine is known for its reliability and continuous operations for long periods before requiring a rebuild. In 1974, LUV's trail lamps were redesigned and were placed on the fenders instead of rear bumpers where they used to feature. In 1976, the LUV was modernized with a three-speed automatic transmission system having front disc brakes to provide the much needed control.

The truck has been popular in global markets including United States, United Kingdom, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Thailand. This represents the level of utility that the truck provides to users belonging to various markets around the world.

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