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Chevy Lumina

Chevrolet Lumina APV, which got its name changed to Chevrolet Venture in 1997, was introduced in 1990 model year along with Chevy Lumina sedan. The Lumina APV was available with a seating capacity of seven people with five rear seats being individually removable and reconfigurable. This feature allowed the Lumina APV to capacitate a combination of people and stuff that you might want to load in it, hence got the name as APV which is an abbreviation of 'All Purpose Vehicle'. The latter models were fitted with built-in child seats as well.

The interior floor is rubber-matted instead of being carpeted. Some models also included the level ride package which was used to inflate tyres, air mattresses and other equipment. Lumina APVs were the first vehicles that introduced an innovative feature by General Motors, which was a remote controlled power sliding door. This feature is now available in almost all minivans.

The car has a standard body with stainless steel exhaust system to prevent against rust and corrosion. Lumina APV comes in various shapes, the early ones were sleek and had long and sloped windshields. The latter ones provided a more conventional look with shortening of nose and elimination of the black painted roof.

Lumina APV was the first of its kind vehicle in the market for minivans in 1990s. The 3.8 L 3800 Series V6 engine was a 170 horse power automobile which provided high acceleration and enhanced torque; thus transferring the vehicle into one of the most powerful minivans of that period.

The Lumina APV/ minivans can be purchased for an average price range of $600 to $1,800. This makes it an economical package for a relatively large family. An added benefit is that the spare parts are easily available and hence maintenance costs are not too high. Overall, it is an easy to buy and easier to maintain vehicle for a relatively larger family since the automobile provides higher seating capacity and economical fuel management.

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