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Chevy Impala

Chevrolet Impala, built by General Motors in 1950s, was developed with a view to provide a "prestige car" for Americans in the middle income range. Almost 40 years later, the 2008 Impala, introduced in Los Angeles Auto Show, is still making the dreams come true.

With its 3.5 L V6 base engine, the sedan car can produce 211 horse powers. The latest SS model is equipped with Active Fuel Management or AFM that can produce as high as 303 horse powers, thus making it world's one of the most powerful automobiles. The new Chevy Impala is 509 cm long, 149.1 cm high and 72.9 cm wide. The available trim levels include entry level LS, mid level LT, premium LTZ and high performance SS.

The interior of the 2006 Impala has been offered with a new look and design. Some of the features include a wood trim centre console with chrome accent on major control buttons, cruise control system, powered sun roof, a powerful theft deterrent system and other attractive features.

Impala's exterior consists of two sided galvanized steel body panels with light tinted solar-ray glass. Impala headlamps include daytime running lamps with automatic exterior lamp control system. Impala's stainless steel exhaust tips provide corrosion control for tailpipe. Another exciting feature is the remote vehicle starter prep kit available with Impala LS models. It allows you to start your parked vehicle from 200 feet away so you can have stuff in both your hands and would still be able to start your car. This feature integrates with the theft deterrent system and allows an absolute security for Chevy Impala cars. Overall, the vehicle is sporty yet economical at the same time. Current model of Chevrolet Impala's price range starts from $21,940 for Impala LS, and goes as high as $28,920 for Impala SS. Hence, the car is reasonably affordable for a middle income family who can enjoy most of the benefits of top class cars within a limited budget.

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