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Chevy Epica

The Chevy Epica is a sedan that made its premiere in 2006 at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland. It is produced by GM Daewoo and is also known under other names, such as the Holden Epica in Australia or Daewoo Tosca. The reason that the Chevy Epica and Daewoo Tosca are referred to as the same car, is that General Motors had purchased the Daewoo Company and now these are just different badges for the same car.

The Chevy Epica is manufactured in the Bupyeong plant in South Korea and is classified as a mid-size car. It became the replacement automobile for the Daewoo Magnus. Its most distinguishing feature is the straight six engines which are also transversely mounted, also known as Power trains. This is a very unique feature in the automobile industry and only one other manufacturer, Volvo, uses this technology. Until 2007, there were two versions of this engine available, a 2.0 L and 2.5 L, however, this year an inline 4-common rail diesel engine was added to the options. This diesel engine features 150 hp and was first used in the Chevy Captiva before also being put to use for the Daewoo Tosca/ Chevy Epica. This is the first time ever that any car from Daewoo had been equipped with a diesel motor.

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