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Chevy Corvette

The Chevy Corvette is a sports car produced by General Motors and which was first introduced to the market back in 1953. This car has always been manufactured in the United States. Today the Corvette is made only in Bowling Green, Kentucky plant, but there used to also be plants in Michigan and Missouri. In Bowling Green, Kentucky there is even a Corvette Museum and a National Corvette Homecoming which is held annually.

The very first Chevy Corvettes built were manufactured 1953 in Flint, Michigan and were virtually completely hand-built. After 1954 the plant in St. Louis, Missouri took over the production. The only outstanding feature of the first Corvettes was the fact that the outer body was made of fiberglass, a newer material at that time. Otherwise, all other parts used to make the Corvette were the standard Chevy components. The fiberglass construction had even caused problems with the first Corvettes, since the assembly lines were not suitable for rolling off cars made of such materials, the landing resulted in the cars not starting.

All together there haven been six series of Corvettes as of today: C1 to C6, with C6 being the newest and only in production since 2005. The earlier Corvettes were powerful, but not known for their fine features, and in areas such as transmission, brakes and handling the Corvette was lagging behind its counterparts. Chevy has improved, however, and the Corvette cars of today offer advanced technology.

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