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Chevy Citation

Chevrolet Citation was built by General Motors, a United States car manufacturer who develop automobiles under the Chevrolet brand. The car was produced between the period from 1980 and 1985 when the production was ceased. The Chevy Citation along with a few others was one of the earliest front wheel drive compact vehicles that were sold to General Motors. The car had V8 engine in the beginning which was replaced by a smaller, economical engine V6.

Chevy Citation was awarded the "Car of the Year" awarded by Motor Trend magazine in 1980. The Citation had a huge demand for 1980 models and the production was not able to meet the ever increasing demand for this product. There were waiting periods for as long as nine months in some cases. Citation also enjoys the distinct advantage of being Chevy's first front wheel drive car.

Chevy Citation was the car for lower income level groups of people. The Chevy Citation was initially offered to public for as low as $6,000 which is precisely the reason that many people got hold of it. Citation has got many facelifts that added to the utility of the car in customers' minds. In 1979, General Motors came up with front and back stabilizer bars, sports steering wheel and chrome sport mirrors. The new look Citation was able to generate up to 130 horse powers and 155 ft of torque.

If you own an old style Chevy Citation, we have all the necessary spare parts of the automobile ranging from Chevette front and rear bumpers, Chevette head lamps capsule assembly, Chevette gas tanks and Chevette steel wheels. In addition to provide you with all types of spare parts for Chevette, the iAutoBodyParts offers life time warranty on all such parts that are purchased from us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you like to have world class equipment and spare parts products from us through an easy to use process.

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