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Chevrolet Chevette

The Chevrolet Chevette was launched by General Motors in 1975 and continued its production till end of 1994. It was actually first launched in Brazil in 1974. The car was a two door sedan with other models changing to 4 door sedan, 2 door station wagon, 3 door hatchback and pickup truck.

The Chevy Chevette engine was a 1.4 or 1.6 L OHC gasoline I4 engine, which could provide around 60 to 70 horse powers of energy to the automobile. The Chevy Chevette was available in 3 speed automatic transmission and 4 speed manual transmission systems. Another variation was the "Scooter" which was a 2-seater having painted bumpers.

The Chevette was designed for the low income family. It was inexpensive and had all the required gadgets that gave it an attractive look and satisfaction through the drive. It was the best selling small car in United States for the 1979 and 1980 model years.

The Chevette small car was competing against Hyundai Excel and Yugo GV. In 1987, the car had a price of around $5,000. Some salient changes that were brought about in the car over the years include a change in grille in 1978 along with a five door model with longer wheelbase. In 1982, diesel engine became an optional part of the car along with an automatic suspension system. In 1983, Chevrolet Chevette CS was introduced having white grille and other minor changes.

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