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Chevy Celebrity

Chevrolet Celebrity was launched by General Motors in 1981 for 1982 model year. It was a mid sized car which gained enormous popularity in United States and was the best selling car in US in 1986.

Based on the front wheel drive A-body quartet of General Motors, the Celebrity was updated in 1987 with slight changes when the quad rectangular sealed beam units were replaced by composite head lamps. In 1989, the Celebrity production was suspended and it was replaced by Chevrolet Lumina. The Chevy Celebrity was a front wheel drive automobile with a 2.8 L V6 engine, which was a four cylinder engine. Other models used 2.5 L I4 and 3.1 L V6 engines.

Celebrity was spacious and allowed more responsive handling than its predecessors. Celebrity did well in sales with a sales volume of 405,000 cars in 1986. Celebrity was available in a wide range of colors ranging from dark bright red to conservative black and white.

Although the car's production was stopped by General Motors in 1989, but it was due to the fact that replacement options were put in place and not because of any flaw in the car itself, hence Celebrity can be termed as an outright winner when it comes to market capitalization in late 1980s.

The car was preferred by middle income group people who were able to get a Chevy Celebrity for less than half of the price of other cars, for example Chevrolet Caprice. This was one of the major reasons that resulted in the popularity of this car in that period.

At iAutoBodyParts, you can find all the required spare parts of Chevy Celebrity that you look for. We have Chevy Celebrity 14 inch by 5.5 inch steel wheels at $68.99 which have an OEM price of $172.47; we have Celebrity rear bumper for $103.85 which is not less than $204 if you buy from the OEM supplier. Similarly, all other parts are available at affordable and economic rates.

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